Retainer Services

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES has a formalised Retainer Fee Structured Professional Services Model. As part of the company’s vision in support of small and medium enterprises we offer tailored retainer and service level agreements, bringing about ease of access to specialist legal advice together with affordability, the effect being similar to having your own in-house legal commercial adviser without the burden of overhead costs and associated labour and employment requirements.

The following standard Retainer Packages are offered:

• Consultations at the company's premises in the Somerset West, Western Cape.

• Telephonic consultations and support.

• Correspondence via email.

• Legal opinions, general advice and letter drafting.     

• Access to legal and commercial advice 24x7. 

Use of the retainer hours is up to the subscriber and can include the following but not limited to:


U -   go - as - U - pay



3.5 Hours   P/Month



Small   Enterprise



8   Hours P/Month



Medium Enterprise



16 Hours   P/Month



Large Enterprise



24 Hours   P/Month