CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES understands the global business of Oil and Gas and the mechanics between the various players and stakeholders such as the explorers, producers, consumers, governments, the oil companies, transportation companies, lenders, financial institutions and regulatory bodies etc. At the heart of industry are the oil and gas agreements which defines the playing field.

We specialise in the preparation, negotiation and drafting of oil and gas contracts and agreements. We make it our business to stay abreast of the changing dynamics of the oil, gas and petroleum markets in order to provide our clients both local and internationally with the best possible advice, structuring oil and gas agreements based on analysis, assessment and risk allocation, avoiding contractual pitfalls commonly encountered in the oil and gas industry.

Scope of expertise:

·  Production sharing agreements

·  Study and Bid agreements

·  Joint operating agreements

·  Farmin agreements

·  Support agreements

·  Lifting agreements

·  Drilling agreements

·  Gas Supply agreements

·  Crude oil sale & purchase agreements

·  Related oil & gas contracts (Abandonment, Unitization, Unit Operating, Finance)

·  Dispute resolution in oil and gas contracts

·  Negotiation of oil and gas contracts

·  International Petroleum contracts

·  Project Commercial Readiness Assessments