CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES understands the legal complexities within the mining industry as far as large scale extraction and processing projects are concerned. Mining agreements typically involves governments, land owners, provincial legislature, project developers and off-takers. A distinct feature is the legislative responsibility on the project developers, operators and owners of the land and covers a wide range of matters such as access to the mining area, employment and training, environmental protection and rehabilitation, protection of cultural heritage and heartlands and royalties. 

The following commercial services are provided:

·  Concept Evaluation

·  Feasibility Evaluation

·  Preliminary Evaluation

·  Due Diligence Investigations

·  Project Commercial Readiness Assessments

·  Implementation Agreements (IA, land and rights)

·  Franchise Agreements

·  Mining Agreements

·  Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs)

·  Lenders Loan Agreements

·  Inter-creditor Agreements

·  Insurance Agreements

·  Exploration and Mining Rights Agreements

·  Joint Venture Agreements

·  Shareholders Agreements

·  Take Over Agreements

·  Regulatory Applications (licences)

·  Environmental Applications (permits)

·  Legislative and Regulatory Compliance Oversight

·  Fuel Supply Agreements (FSA)

·  Sale Agreements / Off Taker Agreements

·  Governmental Concession Agreements

·  Financial Close

·  Engineering Procurement Contracts (EPC/ EPCM)

·  Equipment Procurement (Supply Contracts)

·  Critical Spares Supply Agreements                          

·  Operating and Maintenance Contracts (O&M)