CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES is a multidisciplinary boutique advisory specialising exclusively in engineering and construction contract law, known for our commercial knowledge of engineering and construction commercial contracts, serving clients across the continent of Africa, based in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.  

Since our inception we expanded our commercial services offering beyond the engineering, construction and built industry and have since established ourselves as one of the leading commercial advisories for the Energy, Fisheries, Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas and Transport industries in South Africa.

Our organisation is well known for our no-nonsense and sometimes unconventional and radical approach in dealing with contractual and claim related matters. We proud ourselves in our ability to resolve disputes and are often called upon by clients, employers, agents and contractors to represent them in adjudication and arbitration proceedings. 

Our engineering and construction industry experience coupled with our legal background and legislative knowledge sets CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES apart, making us the advisory of choice for commercial opinions, claims handling, adjudication and arbitration proceedings

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES specialises in four distinct areas:

  • Bid Advisory Services
  • Post Award Advisory Services
  • Engineering and Construction Adjudication and Arbitration
  • Engineering and Construction Contract Law Training and Development