what we do   


CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES is a multidisciplinary boutique advisory specialising exclusively in engineering and construction contract law, serving clients across the continent of Africa, based in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.

Since our inception we have expanded our services beyond the engineering, and construction industry and have since established ourselves as one of the leading commercial advisories for the Energy, Fisheries, Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas and Transport industries in South Africa.

Our organisation is well known for our no-nonsense and sometimes unconventional and radical approach in dealing with contractual and claim related matters. We proud ourselves in our ability to resolve disputes and are often called upon by clients, agents and contractors to provide them with commercial opinions or to represent them in adjudication or arbitration proceedings. 

Our engineering and construction industry experience coupled with our legal background and legislative knowledge sets CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES apart, making us the advisory of choice for commercial opinions, claims handling, adjudication and arbitration proceedings.      

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES specialises in four distinct areas:

  • Consulting, Support and Retainer Services
  • Adjudication and Arbitration
  • Training and Development
  • Project Staffing
flexible solutions for your business needs

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES brings a wealth of knowledge and many years' experience when it  comes to the development of tender and contract documentation. Our clients regularly uses our commercial expertise and services when engineering, procuring, building or maintaining infrastructure

They have found that by outsourcing their front-end planning, commercial structuring and bid documentation development to us allows them to focus on managing their operations while having the trust and comfort of a well-developed and professionally drafted tender and contract data pack. 

But that is not where it stops, for we continue supporting the client throughout the post contract award phase to project close-out. We offer a range of innovative commercial support options from ad-hoc to outsourced commercial and contract management staff to cost effective retainer services, guaranteeing access to our pool of associates while enjoying priority benefits.


CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES has become synonymous with adjudication and arbitration within the engineering and construction industry and is considered the go-to company in Africa to represent employers, contractors and consumers in  adjudication and arbitration proceedings be it in the private or public sector. We are well familiar with both local and international arbitration practices and codes and have over the years been instrumental in assisting and representing clients during arbitration proceedings. The methods of adjudication and arbitration are typically and in the majority of cases predicated by a pre-contractual term in an agreement specifically such as within the JBCC, GCC, NEC and FIDIC suite of contracts.

The methods of adjudication and arbitration are typically and in the majority of cases predicated by a pre-contractual term in an agreement specifically such as within the JBCC, GCC, NEC3 & NEC4 and FIDIC suite of contracts.


As part of our vision in support of small, medium and large enterprises we offer tailored retainer and service level agreements, bringing about ease of access to specialist legal advice together with affordability, the effect being similar to having your own in-house legal commercial advisor without the burden of overhead costs and associated labour and employment requirements.     


CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES regularly conducts in-house training on request especially where corporate training is required for larger groups. As an alternative to in-house training we annually conduct in excess of 40 public seminars both locally and abroad on critical industry subject matter, such as the four CIDB approved contracts (JBCC, GCC, NEC & FIDIC), CIDB Prescripts, Construction Regulations and various other topics. Our yearly seminar calendar can be viewed on www.chrisroos.com.   

international endorsement and local accreditation   

Our training programmes enjoy international endorsement from the Business School Netherlands with local CPD Points accreditation from ECSA, ASAQS, SAIA and  SACPCMP.