As part of our services offering, CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES are often called upon by financiers and insurers to consult on project financing structures. Project finance or limited recourse finance looks at financing structures under which lenders turn to project cash flows for debt repayment. 

Flowing from project finance we will make recommendations on the proposed contractual framework to be used, as the contractual arrangement is a key element for the appropriation and allocation of risks which is often the most difficult hurdle to cross.

Equally important to project revenues and debt services are the project’s guarantee requirements, for commercial lenders will turn to creditworthy third parties to back commitments. Our organisation has longstanding relationships with guarantors and underwriters who understands the complexities of both public and private sector projects and as such our in-house advisors carries with them a wealth of knowledge in dealing with construction and performance risks. In order to streamline appraisals of public and private sector projects involving guarantees, financiers regularly call on our expertise to perform independent project reviews and often incorporate our project assessments as an independent third party into their own appraisals. As independent reviewer we will closely scrutinise both the project’s technical and financial characteristics and provide the financier with crucial and critical information for decision making purposes, further to avoid for the insurer to be left in the dark, being uninformed of project changes effecting his risk profile and exposure.

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES frequently assists financial institutions, financiers, lenders and insurers with the following services:

·  Concept Evaluation

·  Feasibility Evaluation

·  Preliminary Evaluation

·  Project Commercial Readiness Assessments

·  Financial Risk Assessment

·  Financial Modelling

·  Implementation Agreements (IA, land and rights)

·  Lenders Loan Agreements

·  Inter-creditor Agreements

·  Insurance Agreements

·  Advice on guarantee structuring

·  Provision of construction guarantees through our association of service providers

·  Shareholders Agreements

·  Regulatory Applications (licences)

·  Environmental Applications (permits)

·  Legislative and Regulatory Compliance Oversight

·  Fuel Supply Agreements (FSA)

·  Power Purchase Agreements (Power Off-taker agreements)

·  Governmental Concession Agreements

·  Financial Close

·  Engineering Procurement Contracts (EPC/ EPCM)

·  Equipment Procurement (Supply Contracts)

·  Critical Spares Supply Agreements                          

·  Operating and Maintenance Contracts (O&M)