CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES is well known in the South African energy industry in both the utility and IPP (Independent Power Producers) sectors in providing commercial professional services. The Energy Services focuses on the following commercial aspects in the generation of electricity using coal, water, wind, biomass, tidal and ocean, geothermal, solar and natural gas energy sources: 

Scope of expertise:

·  Concept Evaluation

·  Feasibility Evaluation

·  Preliminary Evaluation

·  Project Commercial Readiness Assessments

·  Implementation Agreements (IA, land and rights)

·  Lenders Loan Agreements

·  Inter-creditor Agreements

·  Insurance Agreements

·  Shareholders Agreements

·  Regulatory Applications (licences)

·  Environmental Applications (permits)

·  Legislative and Regulatory Compliance Oversight

·  Fuel Supply Agreements (FSA)

·  Power Purchase Agreements (Power Off-taker agreements)              

·  Governmental Concession Agreements