CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES has over the years formed a close working relationship with the legal fraternity and as such provides specialist and expert advice to attorneys and advocates regarding matters concerning engineering and construction contracts and practices. Our expertise are often consulted for legal opinions as we carry in-depth knowledge of various industry contracts not limited to JBCC, GCC, NEC and FIDIC. Our clients often ask us what differentiates you from the general attorney. The answer is simple, CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES does not get involve in general attorney work, further we understand projects and construction for many of our advisors have lead multi-million rand projects over the years making them the ideal expert witnesses. 

The dispute resolution services that we provide as intermediaries or mediators or experts are aligned to those typically defined in the built industry's contracts. As a boutique consulting firm we handle all disputes in-house, including arbitration and as such act on behalf of either the Employer (Client), the Agent (Architect, Engineer or Project Manager) or the Contractor in arbitration proceedings. We pride ourselves in our ability to resolve contract and project disputes and always endeavour to achieve a fair outcome. Over recent years we have managed to save our clients vast amounts in claims and litigation fees and managed to recover and claw back substantial counter compensation claims. 

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES is well familiar with both local and international arbitration practices and codes and have over the years been instrumental in assisting and representing clients during arbitration proceedings. 

The methods of adjudication and arbitration are typically and in the majority of cases predicated by a pre-contractual term in an agreement specifically such as within the JBCC, GCC, NEC3 & NEC4 and FIDIC suite of contracts.

Our services during arbitration proceedings includes the following:

  • Screening and selection of arbitrators
  • Appointment of arbitrators
  • Representing clients during the preliminary meetings with the arbitrator
  • Arrangements for the arbitration including hire of venue and travel arrangements with the assistance of the arbitral institutions e.g. The Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa, The Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa), UNCITRAL, The International Chamber of Commerce etc.
  • Development of the scope of the arbitration agreement
  • Preparation and submission of pleadings: claims / counterclaims and response to counterclaim
  • Discovery and preparation of agreed documents
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Attend hearings (all parties, representatives, witnesses and experts and arbitrator)
  • If non compliance - action for enforcement or challenge of or to award
  • Prepare enforcement orders including the necessary affidavits for court hearings on behalf of attorneys