CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES brings a wealth of knowledge and many years’ experience when it comes to the development of tender (bid) and contract documentation. We have a variety of clients who regularly uses our commercial expertise and services across the Engineering, Construction, Energy, Fisheries, Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport (air, rail, road, water, cable, pipeline), Finance, Insurance, Retail, Asset Management and Security industries in South Africa. Our clients have found that by outsourcing their front end planning, commercial structuring and bid documentation development to us allows them to focus on managing their operations while having the trust and comfort of a well-developed, scrutinised and professionally presented tender and contract documentation set delivered to their doorstep. But that is not where it stops. We continue supporting the client throughout the tendering, contracting and project life-cycle by managing the commercial aspects including dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration

The following commercial services are provided:

· Preparation of bid and contracting documentation

· Commercial support during tender process and contracting cycle

· Commercial support during the project life cycle

· Contract structuring and selection

· Contract strategy development

· Contract drafting and review

· Prepare claims

· Legal opinions and interpreting of laws

· Contract negotiations

· Contract and claims management

· Nondisclosure agreements

· Preparing legal briefs

· Statutory obligations/ Regulatory

· Negotiating disputes

· Outsourced contract management site services

· Representing contractors and employers in arbitration proceedings

· Professional Services, Term Services and Supply Contracts

· NEC, FIDIC, JBCC, GCC contract types

· EPC and EPCM contract models

· Training of contract managers

· Training tender and investment committees           

· Tender evaluation training