CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES has become synonymous with adjudication and arbitration within the engineering and construction industry and is considered the go-to company in Africa to represent employers, contractors and consumers in adjudication and arbitration proceedings be it in the private or public sector. 

CHRIS ROOS & ASSOCIATES currently represents various small, medium and large contractors, homeowners, consulting engineers, architects, principal agents, private developers, municipalities, government departments and other state owned enterprises in adjudication and arbitration proceedings and in this regard, our services includes the following:

·        Provide advice in respect of impending claims, for and against

·        Promotion or defense of claims

·        Negotiations to settle disagreements and disputes

·        Assistance during mediation by expert

·        Representation during adjudication and arbitration proceedings

·        Drafting of notices of adjudication

·        Drafting of notices of arbitration

·        Drafting of statements of claims

·        Expert advisory and legal opinions to attorneys and legal counsel        

·        Expert witness for court purposes or arbitration proceedings